Although each season brings joy, it also presents a challenge for the care of pet paws. From snow, ice and salt in Winter to hot concrete in Summer, the soft skin of the paw pads is constantly at risk of cracks and wounds which will make every step your pet takes painful. Now the solution is within paws’ reach! Aromatherapy Balsam for Paw Care and Protection brings a unique blend of scientific and clinical aromatherapy in conjunction with love for the animals. The carefully selected, 100% natural essential oil, beeswax, Carnauba wax, lanolin and jojoba oil provide long-term protection from the elements, shea and cocoa butter with almond oil soothe the pad wounds and enhance regeneration, while the essential oils of palmarosa and lemongrass serve as antibacterials and prevent fungal growth. The elements are no longer an obstacle to a comfortable walk with your four-legged family members!

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Before each walk, gently rub the balsam into the pads and the space between them. Use before long walks, as well as walk on ice, snow and hot concrete.

  • P.S. The secret ingredients are: shea butter, jojoba, palmarosa grass and lemongrass
  • For external use only.
  • Do not apply to damaged or wounded skin.
  • Keep away from the eyes.
  • In case of allergies, cease use.

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